Oxford reading tree --Silver foil rocket

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Oxford reading tree


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Silver foil rocket


Let’s take a look at the cover, what can you see in this pic?

 A boy is putting the silver foil to cover the rocket.


Carnival: a public event at which people play music, wear special clothes, and dance in the streets, kindly like party.

Be keen to : wanting something to happen very much [= eager]

What’s dad doing ? dad is making a speech, to encourage kids.


Fun Enjoyable and amusing

(4) page3

What are they doing? They are discussing how to win the cup.

 (5) page4

Rock music:a type of popular modern music with a strong loud beat, played using guitars and drums

(6) page5

Pure silver a rock&roll band.


Rocket:a vehicle used for travelling or carrying things into space, which is shaped like a big tube

A rocket can be launched from space.


Orbit:the curved path travelled by an object which is moving around another much larger object such as the Earth, the sun etc


Oil barrel: container(sth) used for stroring( oil\wine..)

Join up: put thing together


Fin: part of a plane that sticks up at the back and helps it to fly smoothly

Body parts that the fish uses to swim.

The black woman is painting


Banner: a long piece of cloth on which something is written, often carried between two poles:


 One corner of the banner is folded.

(13) page12

Set up: the way that something is organized or arranged.

Cool: great


(14) page13

What can you see in this pic?

Wilma and wilf are in the cabinet.

(15)page 14

 What are the people doing?

They are cheering.

 (16)page 15

Mum is holding the bucket, and wants to get the support from the audience.

(17page 16

Winner: a person or animal that has won something


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